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Committed to society and people

Techco Security maintains a strong commitment to economic, social and environmental sustainability that enables it to combine security, cybersecurity and fire protection services with innovative solutions that are respectful of the environment and people. The company's strategic keys are based on:

• Invest in the constant training and adaptation of our staff to technological changes.
• Develop our market taking into account key groups (customers, police, trade unions, media, companies, shareholders, etc.).
• Achieve the differentiation of our competitors by being a benchmark in the market for the development of new solutions beyond security.
• Improving the quality of the service provided and continually seeking efficiency
• Implement and improve responsible policies in relation to our workers, the environment, equality, etc.
• Ensure compliance with legal requirements and other requirements.
• Convey our unique value proposition.

In order with its corporate commitment, each year, Techco establishes the risks and opportunities that it must face, among other aspects, in environmental, legal and contractual matters, organizational processes, organization context and customer requirements, suppliers, partners, public stablishments, etc.

Our values



Techco's environmental commitment is realized with a comprehensive offer of services and solutions  that always take into account the parameters of sustainable development and respect for the environment. That´s because optimization in the use of natural resources, downsizing of impact on the environment, reduction of atmospheric emissions and energy efficiency are priority objectives of the company.

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Commitment to people

Human resources are the key of Techco Security's activity. Among the company's values are equal treatment and the development of real and effective opportunities, rejecting discriminatory behaviors in terms of gender, religion, race, disability, sexual orientation, etc.

The security sector is characterized by a large male presence, because even women are a minority in the schools of Vocational Training of Electricity-Electronic and Mechanical (report Statistics of vocational statistical students of the Non University Teachings" of the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, course 2016-2017"). Techco advocates for equality and promotes the presence of women in technical departments and in positions of responsibility, being one of the companies in the security sector, in promoting gender diversity in its organization.

Techco's philosophy is that we must achieve growth without forgetting the pursuit of excellence in operations and the consolidation of the long-term relationship with customers. To carry it out you need the commitment of the team, each providing its good work and resolute capacity from their position. Responsibility is an essential quality that is required of each employee.

Techco is constantly working to identify and develop people's potential, so that their performance contributes to strengthening the company's positioning as a benchmark in the security sector.

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Techco Security is a company characterized by its social vision and commitment to the community. The organization integrates the environmental, social and ethical needs and expectations of its stakeholders, especially those that are part of its nearest community. This social vision of actively contributing to improve people's environment and quality of life allows to create long-term value for their customers and have an important competitive advantage.

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