The Financial Entities constitute an important Business line for Techco Security, which has design specific security services and solutions according to the legislative framework to meet the challenges that the banking sector faces.
Our experience gives us the credit of being the first banking provider in the country:

• More than 20000 points served in the office and ATMs in Spain
• Bank dedicated Monitoring Station



Our experience in this sector guaranteed our capability to design security solutions for our customers which allows them to protect their employees, their goods and their core business.
We can offer a wide variety of specialized and dedicated technical team for the most technical demanding sectors in the Industrial panorama.

• Petroleum y Gas.
• Quemistry.
• Industrial Plants.
• Water supply infrastructures.
• EPC Projects.

In Techco we have especialised ourself in the security and fire protection consulting of utilities and supply companies
Our experience designing integrated solutions allows our customers to protect their goods, their employees and the public security, helping them to maintain the quality standards in a sector whose regulations are very strict and specific.



In Techco Security, we help our customers to secure their supply chain in the Transport and logistics sectors, using the best technology to cover business needs.

Our experience in Security and Fire Protection consultancy allows us to design system integration solutions to mitigate risks as well as enable our customers to respond quickly to potential threats.



In Techco, we are experts on the retail sector and we help our customers to protect their employees, their customers and reputations in the most efficient way at a low cost.

After years of expertise protecting international, national and local retailers, we are able to understand the special need of this sector. We are experts on the security and fire protection designs, adapted to every customer.



In Techco, we are specialists in security technology applied to the public sector, defense and governmental buildings.

Our culture of continuous innovation and commitment with the High standards of quality of our services, position us as the expert partner in the market.

We design Security and Fire Protection solutions, we maintain high security infrastructures and remotely manage the facilities form our Monitoring Station.



We maximize safety through seamless integration of solutions and services, while minimizing the risks with expert advice on monitoring services and maintenance of security and Fire Protection systems.

In Techco Security we are specialized in security consulting and the integration of specific systems for Gas Stations.



TECHCO Security offers the most advanced security systems to protect what is the most important for our customers, no matter the size.

Our experience as security consultants in huge projects help us to identify the key facts that builds the solution design for SME and Residential premises.

The quality of our monitoring and maintenance services, and the technology applied to our products are the key which makes Techco the preferred partner in security.