Techco Security’s SOC (Security Operation Centre) is the most modernized monitoring station in Europe, with an innovative and functional design. There is a back up SOC, mirroring the main SOC services, in Barcelona

With a total area of 750m2 and a team with more than 100 professional experts, our monitoring Station provides services to more than 75,000 service points using remote management, having become one of the three main operations centers that gives high quality services in Spain, leading the banking sector.

Providing services such as:

• Connection Services.
• IoT systems management
• Secure Communication solutions (APN/VPN)
• Cybersecurity – Audits and vulnerability management
• Remote video management (people counting, heat maps,…) and video analysis



We are specialist in security and fire project designs.

  • Risk assessment.
  • Consulting and planning.
  • Engineering.
  • Documentation.
  • Remote evacuation plans.
  • I+D+i.

Our team comprised by engineers and security and fire protection experts will carry out audits, risks assessments and analysis of our customers’ security systems, performing entire and complex security projects.



Our team of engineers is specialized in designing systems which meets the specific needs of our customers.

We are proud of the support and aftersales service we provide to our customers. The engineering team analysis every proposal to provide excellence in service, maximizing the efficiency of the systems installed by reducing the costs of the project providing the most innovative solutions.

We offer project planning services, field analysis, installation, testing solutions, training and commissioning in Fire Protection and security projects.



We offer customer advice for installing the most effective security solutions.

Project management.
Project implementation.

We select the appropriate technology following our customers’ security needs according to the installation performed by our experts.
Grade II, III and IV Systems.
Engineering team and technical office dedicated to all type of installations.
Design and implementation of security systems: CCTV, Access Control, loudspeaker systems, intercom systems. All of them are complementary to the intrusion systems.
Design and implementation of fire detection and prevention systems.



After-sale service designed to keep the functionality of the system at any time and to ensure the correct solution development.
Establishment of specific SLAs to each customer.

More than 400 highly qualified technical experts with a great experience solving system incidents in less than 24h
Remote and on-site preventive maintenance.

Certified by the Ministry of Industry to maintain fire protection installations.



Our consulting team receives constant training related to the new technologies that appear in the security market, in order to offer the most innovative and best adapted solutions.

In the same way, our operators and technical staff are trained and certified thanks to the Techco Training Plan, which gives us the accreditation required to install and to manage complex systems. This training plan is also offered to the final users of the security systems.



We are specialists in anti-intruder systems made to protect high-risk items and areas.

  • Safe Protection.
  • Safe Deposit Boxes Protection.
  • ATM Cash Machines Protection.