Systems adapted to the Degree for Compliance with the European Private Security Regulations.

Wide range of intruder detection systems.
Multiple communications channels to protect the connection.
Security System integration with all services.



As an implementation of our business philosophy, based in the idea of “being close to the customer” concept and the specialization, the Fire Protection Area is intended to attend our customers’ requirements:

Great capacity of engineering, coordinating regulation and technology.
Service and agility of response, through our delegations net.
An organization used to the most demanding requirements in Quality and Occupational Risks Prevention.



TECHCO POS System (Point of Sale).
CCTV solutions analogical or IP.
Great variety of cameras and recorders.
Image recording 24h.
Discreet, modernized and low consumption technology.
Adaptable design.
Intelligent video analysis.
Secure areas control.
”Suspect” solution.
People Counting System:
Controlling the people influx allows us to analyse traffic inside the premises, the movement patterns and the days of the week and of the month with a higher volume.
Capacity Control System:
It enables to control automatically and every moment the quantity of public inside of a building and it warns us when we are reaching the capacity limitation.
Secured Area Control:
Self-analysis of video recording to control and supervise the open areas.
Heat Maps:
This solution analyses the customer behavior in the point of sale based in the cold and hot inflow points.



Remote Access control management adapted to our Customer needs.
Our consulting team has years of experience in the design of the access control systems for all kind of customers.

Based on the newest technology, we offer advanced access control solutions and identification through easily scalable systems adapted to our customers.


We are experts on the design of net architecture to interconnect different Security installations, including ARC connections. We apply different methods and solutions such as IPSEC, Steady VPN or Mobile VPN and more.
We manage and analyse the vulnerabilities of the systems connected, including SCADA and other specific industrial systems.
We conduct internal and external security audits, white and black hat mode.
We have developed antifraud solutions and DLP, risk management and security monitoring services through SIEM tool.
We collaborate with companies with training and awareness workshops in-house.

Design and maintenance of our own cable and mobile communication (VPN, IPSEC, APN, 3G, 4G, GPRS)
Mobile communications
This Service helps our Customer to outsource the security of their sites in case they do not want to use their own TI communications for security matters
Wired communications
Our VPN is available for all our Customer in order to unify the infrastructures where security systems are connected to our Monitoring Station, assuming the responsabilithy over the connectivity and a 24/7 TI Support.



CRONO is a tool specially developed by our own experts to integrate systems. It simplifies and streamlines the Security management.

  • Bidirectionality via TCP/IP with a complete functionality in the integrated systems.
  • Live video display to verify the fire signals, through the installation or access to the associate CCTV system.
  • Technical signs reception from different systems
  • Constant supervision of the communication of each system
  • It implements the planimetry/ location project to any fire protection, intrusion and CCTV installation to interact with the real position of the elements in the plane, making easier the management of the signs.


Organizer is a web application developed in .Net. It manages the flow and storage of the particular information about Security and fire protection, while allowing the quality control of the systems and services.

  • We reduce our customers hosting costs by storing data in our CPDs.
  • Design of different user access levels to control the information in the company.
  • It allows to manage the partial or complete installation, following our customer requirements.

The advantages of the telelocation are applied to the control of people at risk (children, elderly people, threatened people…) and they are useful in the localization of stolen cars and goods transport.

Video On-BOARD:
Camera system designed to cover the inside and the outside of any vehicle integrating communications, recording and video transmission in just one device.

Fleets management:
Localization, tachographs reading and speed and stop period reports to optimize fleet management through timetables, reducing cost and improving the control over the wrong performances.



Techco puts the latest technology at the service of our elders to improve their independence, with their smartphone, with a smartphone that is easy to use for them and remotely configurable by their families.
Through this mobile, a team of social workers, a remote monitoring and a constant to meet their needs and act in case of emergency.

Premium technological services:
GPS localization both indoor and outside a premise.
Creation of safety areas for the detection of people with a declared risk.
Fall detection.
Preventive calls to ensure medicine calendars and promote the social inclusion of the user.